Women's Online Boutique in Texas

Hello and welcome to Seeds & Sycamores. Our name is a combination of the Parable of the Mustard Seed and the story of Zacchaeus. The idea that amazing things can happen when we have big dreams and faith combined with the bravery to act! 

We are an online boutique located in Magnolia, Texas. Here, you will find a boutique for real women. We are women in our 30s, with kids and are in the thick of rocking the mom and wife thing. We need our clothes to functional but still look cute. 

We wanted to create a space where we could offer these things: 

  •  Clothes that are modest and fit a wide range of sizes (including plus sizes!) We found we needed things like dresses to our knees, comfy shoes, and the ability to put a cute outfit together, with quality products at a reasonable price. 
  •  Purchases that support small businesses and social good companies. We love being able to make someone else's world just a little brighter with our purchase. We partner with women who have dreamed big dreams and had the bravery to start. 

Welcome to Seeds & Sycamores-big dreams sown in brave hearts! You can learn more about us on our Facebook page