How To Organize Your Closet

Jennifer Tolbert

There is a quote that I think about all the time when it is time organize my home. Marilyn Pace said "Engineer your home to create peace." 

And one of the ways I have felt peace is in an organized closet. Before, I would feel frustrated when I couldn't find what I was looking for and I felt like I didn't have enough clothes. 

When my closet is organized I can easily find things and can get ready more quickly. I can take inventory so when I know what I really need when it is time to shop. It helps me to realize how much I actually do have when it comes to my closet.  

So where do you start? 

1. Start with a purge. My closet was overflowing with items that didn't fit. Things I didn't actually like or were damaged and I never wore them. Marie Kondo says to hold each item and see if it sparks joy and only keep the things that do. You could do that too. 

I constantly remind myself that it's wasteful to let something hang in your closet that someone else could wear. It helps me keep my hoarding nature at bay while I sort. 

If you are unsure about totally getting rid of things, I have put things in a tub in the top of my closet, especially when I was riding the weight roller coaster after having babies. It wasn't totally gone, but it was out of sight for step 2. 

2. Sort by Category. I am trying to build a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a closet made up of clothing pieces that you can mix and match to create a ton of different outfits. Basically, trying to do more with less. 

I like to organize my clothes according to how I would build an outfit and then by color. Here are my categories for what hangs in my closet. 

Solid Neutral Shirts Grouped By Color: This would include chambray, white, black, grey, navy, etc. 

Solid Color Shirts Grouped By Color: I found I really love coral, greens, and mustard. Since both our college and local high school colors are maroon, I have a ton of that too. 

Patterned Shirts Grouped By Pattern: Stripes, polka dots, florals are all together. 

Graphic Tees: If you want to get fancy, you can group these by topic

Dresses & Skirts: I sort the same way as my shirts. Solid neutrals, colors, patterns  all grouped by type and color. 

Those make up the bulk of my closet. From there, I put the rest of the items in to categories. If there was  enough of something, I would organize it by color/pattern too. But most of my pants and jackets are neutral. 

3. Organize Other Categories by Color/Pattern:

Coats, Vests, and Cardigans

Pants & Shorts


Accessories (like belts, scarfs, etc)

If you're like me, you will probably find that you are definitely drawn to certain things. For example, I have 7 solid white shirts. I think I have that category sufficiently covered. You may also see some holes in your wardrobe. So the next time you have a little spending money, you can buy something you know you need. If so, head over to the website to see if we can help you out.  





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